Lac Léman | La Neptune

800 CHF
Title   Lac Léman | La Neptune
Artist   Robert Topulos
Limited Edition   50 pieces  


Presenting "Lac Léman, La Neptune," a captivating artwork that pays homage to the remarkable dinghy with a rich history and significant presence on Lake Geneva. Built in 1904, La Neptune stands as one of the largest sailing boats to grace the lake, proudly holding the status of a protected historic monument. Originally utilized for goods transportation, it played a vital role in ferrying materials for Geneva's urban expansion until 1969.

Following a meticulous restoration in 2004, La Neptune continues to grace the waters of Lake Geneva, offering regular sailing experiences and the opportunity to embark on unforgettable trips across the lake. This magnificent vessel, with its distinct character and timeless charm, embodies the spirit of adventure and exploration.

Central to the artwork's composition is the captivating depiction of Neptune, the Roman god of the sea, surrounded by the majestic Dents du Midi mountains. This mesmerizing backdrop perfectly captures the harmonious coexistence of the boat's maritime presence and the breathtaking natural beauty of Lake Geneva. The artwork's careful attention to detail and meticulous selection of colors evoke a sense of serenity, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the tranquility and grandeur of this iconic setting.




Printing technique   Étorie on fine art paper
Printing house   Atelier WOCS, Genève
Authentification   Certificate of authenticity



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