Discover our unique bespoke process

With us, your dream becomes your reality as expert craftsmanship combined with thoughtful and innovative design turns your most treasured ideas to life. By working hand-in-hand with Atelier WOCS, the collective beauty of your concept, taste, and style will be met with our mastery and excellence to produce a magical art piece carrying your unique message, ready to be cherished for a lifetime.
1. Share your vision with us
Allow us to get a glimpse of your vision

When creating a bespoke piece with Atelier WOCS, it is designed for you to ensure your story is told through every detail.

Each artwork starts as a dialogue between you and us to create an understanding of your needs, allowing us to delve deep into the heart of your story to express your essence through the sophisticated craftsmanship and expertise that is unique to Atelier WOCS.

As such, everything starts with a conversation. Get in Touch to let us know you would like to arrange an initial consultation. Whether you dream of an entirely exclusive, one-of-a-kind artwork or envision a new twist to one of our artworks, we want to hear from you.

We are looking forward to collaborating with you to create the artworks of your dreams, reflecting and honouring who you are and what you would like to communicate with the world.

2. Perfect Your Vision
Prepare for perfection

Once we have a better understanding of what your perfect artwork entails, we draw an initial design, taking into account everything we have learned about you to deliver a deeply sentimental and personal proposal. Each creation begins with a sketch, and its meticulous detail allows you to take part in the creation. Your feedback on the initial sketch presented by us is of paramount importance. We draft the design until you are confident that the ultimate artwork has been conceived.

3. Transforming your vision into reality
Join us in the creative journey

When the sketch is ready, and the design is perfect, a culmination of skill and passion will occur between the artist, the artisan printer and the framer alike to ensure that our shared concept is transformed into the most beautiful of creations. The process involves a meticulous process of coloring and finest materials selection, to produce a poetic and magnificent artwork.

4. Secure Perfection
Fall in love with your unique artwork

Finally, the fruits of our collective labour will come to light once your bespoke piece has been finalized and presented to you. This step further ensures that your artwork embody your dream piece, as minor adjustments can be made if you believe that the creation can, in some way, embody it more precisely.

Once this is done, you will have an artwork characterized by its distinctive and exclusive nature recognizable through its elegant and unique design made for you and only you.

Indeed, by the end of this highly personalized experience, you will own an art piece which tells your most beautiful story and most treasured dreams for generations to come.