Shaping the way to timelessness

Atelier WOCS pieces are produced by a unique and innovative process. The Etorie® is a fade-resistant natural pigment ink process, applied to specially manufactured conservation fine art paper, resulting in the finest quality art edition available today. This process yields a wide color gamut and deep, saturated colors that are impossible to achieve using traditional lithographic or serigraphic methods.

Due to the delicate nature of the process, the etories are extremely fragile and require the utmost care and attention to detail throughout the production process to ensure their perfection. Atelier WOCS Etories are guaranteed to preserve their brightness and depth for several centuries. 

The journey of artistic harmony 

Within the realm of our artistry, the interplay of each element within an Atelier WOCS piece assumes paramount significance. At the heart of our creative process, we compose, balance, and harmonize, intricately weaving together layers of artistic cohesion that resonate throughout. Each stroke, each detail, meticulously traced with unparalleled precision, breathes life into the artwork.

In our world, where attention to detail reigns supreme, we recognize the profound impact that even the slightest deviation of a few tenths of a millimeter can exert on the delicate equilibrium of a composition, thus we seamlessly combine modern techniques with the art of traditional painting.


An indisputable lineage

Your Atelier WOCS art piece is a limited edition artwork. The certificate of authenticity that accompanies it, includes a technical description of its characteristics, it indicates the year of its creation and it is signed, hand-numbered and approved by Atelier WOCS. The value of this certificate is more than symbolic, as it confirms that your art piece belongs to the Atelier WOCS Genève collection.

Perfection in every detail

A hallmark of quality and durability, a standard of excellence, the Atelier WOCS Seal is the ultimate emblem of the art editions of the Maison. Atelier WOCS perpetuates the seals century-old tradition, giving it back its letters of nobility by guaranteeing that each art piece bearing the emblem meets the highest standards of quality and longevity.

Preserving fragile beauty

With a profound understanding of each art edition's fragility, our artisans handle the framing process with utmost care. To protect and enhance the artwork's presentation, we use museum-grade anti-reflective and anti-UV glass, precisely cut to minimize reflections and safeguard color pigments from UV rays.

Simultaneously, our artisans tailor the wooden frame to the art edition's dimensions. The glass and frame are meticulously assembled, preserving the fragile beauty of our art editions. This fusion of artistry, attention to detail, and longevity ensures each piece embodies artistic excellence and will endure for generations.