Founded in 2018 by Swiss designer and artist Robert Topulos, Atelier WOCS embodies the spirit of traditional Swiss craftsmanship in creating exceptional art editions. With a commitment to quality and rarity, each piece is a blend of Belle Époque compositional principles and modern artistry, deeply resonating with those who appreciate understated luxury and meticulous attention to detail.

Drawing inspiration from Switzerland's rich heritage, Atelier WOCS has earned recognition for its collections, including artworks preserved in the Swiss National Library, symbolizing their invaluable contribution to Swiss cultural heritage. Emphasizing uniqueness and aesthetic finesse, Atelier WOCS's creations are timeless masterpieces, combining individuality with refined sobriety, and modernity with a distinctive sense of elegance.

In 2021, the inaugural Atelier WOCS boutique graced the historic Place du Molard in Geneva, Switzerland. Subsequently, in 2022, Atelier WOCS forged its first partnership with Bucherer 1888, the official Rolex Retailer, and in 2023, embarked on a groundbreaking collaboration within the automotive industry, joining forces with Zenith Automobiles, the official Ferrari dealership in Switzerland.