Grimselsee | Porsche 911 GT3RS

800 CHF
Title   Grimselsee | Porsche 911 GT3RS
Artist   Robert Topulos
Limited Edition  
50 pieces 


Where the alpine serenity of Grimselsee whispers history, the Porsche 911 GT3 RS roars into legend. This tableau of the Swiss Alps is a canvas where time stands still and the essence of 'rennsport' comes alive—a vehicle that distills the essence of the race track into every journey.

The silhouette of the GT3 RS, bold and unyielding as the mountains themselves, slices through the alpine air, symbolizing a relentless pursuit of performance. Its lineage, a chronicle of innovation and purist design, is mirrored in the storied past of Grimsel.

As the GT3 RS commands the mountain pass with precision handling and emotive resonance from its engine, the silence of the peaks listens. The Grimsel region, a grand amphitheater of nature's making, speaks to us of a different might. This was once the preferred medieval thoroughfare from Brugg to Milan, chosen for its absence of formidable barriers that characterized other routes like the Gotthard. It’s where traders once hauled goods over its heights and armies marched through to assert their dominions.

Grimsel’s history is etched into its rugged landscape—a narrative of time, from the Middle Ages to the construction of the awe-inspiring Spitallamm dam, a marvel that once stood as one of the tallest in the world. Amidst the periodic echoes of construction and the powerful silence that follows, one can sense the pulse of history that beats through this region.

The Grimsel Pass, with its breathtaking vistas and historical echoes, offers a drive where each turn unravels a story, each ascent uncovers a layer of the past. It is here that the Porsche 911 GT3 RS finds its place as a vehicle that belongs, ready to write new chapters in the grand tome of the Grimsel’s legacy.





Printing technique   Étorie on fine art paper
Printing house  
Atelier WOCS, Genève
Authentification   Certificate of authenticity




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