Latécoère 521, Overseas

3,600 CHF


Title  Overseas, Latécoère 521
Limited Edition   30 pieces 
Collection   Fondation Latécoère


Reflecting on a momentous summer in 1935, the "Overseas" artwork by Atelier WOCS is a tribute to an extraordinary encounter on the high seas, captured in an artwork where the grandeur of engineering meets the artistry of design. The Latécoère 521 seaplane, "Lieutenant de Vaisseau Paris," is immortalized mid-flight, parallel to the elegant Normandie, each a paragon of French sophistication and ingenuity.

This piece, steeped in historical resonance, was inspired by a photograph taken from the Latécoère itself, a snapshot that captured the essence of progress and luxury. The Latécoère 521, with its robust wingspan and pioneering spirit, shares the ocean expanse with the Normandie, a leviathan of the seas, distinguished by its record-breaking speed and opulent interiors.

The art captures the synergy between these two giants of their respective realms, the air and the sea, as they journey from New York to Paris. The artwork's composition, with the seaplane above and the liner below, accentuates the duality of their paths—yet they are united by their shared heritage and the restless waves they traverse.

"Overseas" is a visual chronicle of this unique moment in history, where the ambition of human endeavor is vividly portrayed. The seaplane's silhouette against the vast sky and the liner cutting through the tumultuous ocean waves create a compelling narrative of movement, aspiration, and the ceaseless pursuit of advancement.

In a limited series of 30 editions, this piece is not only a homage to the technological marvels of the Latécoère 521 and the Normandie but also a reflection of the era they represent—a time when the quest for progress knew no bounds, and the world became a smaller place. It is a proud celebration of the heritage of Latécoère and the enduring allure of transatlantic travel, encapsulating a remarkable synthesis of history, adventure, and the art of the journey.






Printing technique   Étorie on fine art paper
Printing house  
Atelier WOCS, Genève
Authentification   Certificate of authenticity



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