From Adventure to Art

The Genesis



The journey of Atelier WOCS began in the serene Swiss village of St. Cergue. Here, Swiss designer and founder Robert Topulos, driven by a spirit of adventure, left the urban pulse of Geneva.


Image: Grand Hotel de l'Observatoire, first Atelier WOCS's workshop


Amid the tranquil ambiance of the historic Grand Hotel de l'Observatoire, once a haven for English tourists, Robert’s vision for the Maison began to take shape. His journey, fueled by a deep connection to cultural heritage, led him on a motorcycle expedition across Europe.


Image: Hospice of Simplon in Valais, inspiration for the first Atelier WOCS collection.


This journey of discovery brought him to the Hospice of Simplon, an encounter that sparked the inspiration for Atelier WOCS’s inaugural collection, a tribute to the Swiss mountain passes. These historic routes, woven into the fabric of Switzerland's history, have been pivotal in connecting communities and shaping the nation's cultural and economic landscape.


The Birth of WOCS



This pivotal year witnessed the birth of the Atelier WOCS name and the debut of its first collection. The Alpine Passes collection swiftly gained acclaim and secured its place of honor within the esteemed collection of the Swiss National Library in Bern, thereby becoming an indelible part of Switzerland's rich heritage.


Gstaad Palace Collaboration



Elevating its stature, Atelier WOCS ventured into the esteemed Gstaad Palace. Commissioned by the owner to create two bespoke artworks, the Maison’s presence at this iconic location marked a new level of recognition and prestige.

The Royal Savoy Chapter




In the midst of 2020, a year globally marked by unprecedented challenges, Atelier WOCS found a beacon of opportunity at the Hotel Royal Savoy in Lausanne. This prestigious hotel, a symbol of luxury and history, extended an invitation to Atelier WOCS for a permanent exhibition.


The Geneva Renaissance


In 2021, during a period of economic uncertainty, the founder of the Maison made a strategic move by establishing Atelier WOCS in Geneva's historic center with the opening of the first boutique at the iconic 3 Place du Molard. This prominent location soon became synonymous with Atelier WOCS.

It was here that the Maison began creating its first bespoke artworks, commissioned by elite collectors, marking the dawn of a new chapter in the Maison's history.



As the world rebounded and travel resumed, the boutique attracted a growing international audience, enhancing the Maison's reputation for extraordinary artistry well beyond Swiss borders.

The Bucherer Collaboration



The alliance with Bucherer 1888, a renowned Swiss jeweler part of the Rolex group, brought forth a special collection of limited-edition artworks. These pieces, exhibited in the iconic Bucherer boutique in Geneva, epitomized the fusion of fine art and luxury horology.


Zenith Automobiles and the Édénité Series


Expanding its horizons, Atelier WOCS partnered with Zenith Automobiles, the official Ferrari dealer in Switzerland, to launch the Édénité Series. In the Édénité series, the Garden of Eden is reimagined as a boundless realm of creativity and enduring artistry.

This series, symbolizing a garden of eternal innovation, is a testament to the perpetual allure of beauty and the unceasing pursuit of groundbreaking design.

The Édénité exists in two signature-sizes: the Édénité 80 and the 130, exclusively reserved for collaborations with prestigious maisons. Atelier WOCS draw inspiration from aerial advertising during the Belle-Époque era, symbolizing the art of travel and the custodianship of history. It breathes life into a dynamic and living heritage

This collaboration resulted in the creation of 3 exceptional artworks, which embody the elegance and legacy of Ferrari. They stand as a testament to the Maison's remarkable ability to seamlessly merge high-end craftsmanship with iconic automotive luxury.