Latécoère 300, Dunes

3,600 CHF
Title  Dunes, Latécoère 300
Limited Edition   30 pieces 
Collection   Fondation Latécoère


"Dunes" is a distinguished piece within the Édénité collection by Atelier WOCS, which captures with grace and tranquility an emblematic instant in the annals of flight. In this artful portrayal, the venerable Latécoère 300 "Croix du Sud" is immortalized mid-flight, traversing the soft contours of Dakar's dunes beneath the enveloping embrace of twilight. A delicately rendered moon casts a tranquil luminescence, heralding the plane's passage from Dakar to Natal.

The artwork deftly encapsulates the desert's immensity, evoking the Latécoère 300's pioneering essence and its instrumental role in pioneering essential air routes in the 1930s. Set against a canvas of dusk and the glimmering threshold where sea and cosmos converge, the scene honors both the desert's untamed spirit and the boundless realms of human exploration.

Imbued with a sense of peaceful reflection, akin to the desert's own nocturnal repose, the artwork's palette and illumination accentuate the aircraft's silhouette against the nocturnal azure, beckoning viewers to ponder the voyage and the remarkable innovation that enabled it.

With only 30 editions available, "Dunes" emerges as a lyrical accolade to the Latécoère 300 "Croix du Sud" and the epoch of discovery it represents. It is a celebration of the aircraft's regal journey over the undulating dunes, immortalizing a tranquil yet grand moment in the history of transatlantic aviation. As a coveted addition to the Atelier WOCS collection, this piece stands as a profound homage to the extraordinary achievements of aviation and the desert's enduring splendor.






Printing technique   Étorie on fine art paper
Printing house  
Atelier WOCS, Genève
Authentification   Certificate of authenticity



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