Breitling | Super Constellation C-121C | HB-RSC

20,000 CHF
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Atelier WOCS est un atelier d'art indépendant offrant des services artisanaux de conception de pièces d'art sur-mesure. Nous ne sommes ni associés ni affiliés aux marques susceptibles d'inspirer certaines de nos œuvres. Nos créations sont réalisées exclusivement à la demande expresse de nos clients et destinées à un usage strictement privé. L'oeuvre présentée ci-contre a été commandée par un de nos clients. Cette présentation témoigne de nos savoirs faire et n’a pas de valeur contractuelle. Cette œuvre n'est pas en vente ; tout tarif mentionné revêt un caractère indicatif, visant à offrir une vision représentative du coût de nos prestations artistiques.



Title Breitling | Super Constellation C-121C | HB-RSC
Reference 2002HS 

Atelier WOCS, Robert Topulos
signed and numbered 1/1
mixed media, etorie on paper

Unique Piece

Executed in 2020


145 by 100cm.,57 by 39 in.


Signed and dated
Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity

Additional report

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Entitled "Star of Switzerland," this singular piece showcases one of the three airworthy Super Constellations in existence, and the only one gracing the skies of Europe. Its distinction is further heightened as it stands as the singular Super Constellation primed for passenger travel. The aircraft's formidable power, supplied by four 18-cylinder, 3,250hp Curtiss-Wright R-3350 radial turbo-compound piston engines, has enthralled spectators at air shows for over a decade, made possible through the sponsorship of renowned Swiss watchmaker Breitling.

Breitling's illustrious legacy, extending beyond 130 years, has been one of audacious exploits and trailblazing innovation, carving a timeless niche in the annals of chronograph history. Established by Léon Breitling in 1884 in the heart of Saint-Imier, this family-run enterprise rapidly adapted to the automobile epoch, introducing a timer/tachymeter capable of speed measurement in 1905, swiftly succeeded by the premier chronograph featuring a separate 3 o'clock pusher in 1915. Breitling's pioneering spirit pervaded the nascent arena of aviation, birthing the Huit Aviation Department in 1938, whose onboard chronographs instantly captured the market.

The Chronomat, unveiled in 1940, ushered in a novel epoch with its circular slide rule, a feat overshadowed only by the Navitimer's launch in 1952, the future emblem of the brand. Breitling's vision transcended the realms of the sky and penetrated the underwater world with the SuperOcean, water-resistant up to 200 metres, in 1957, and ventured into the cosmic frontier with the Cosmonaute, the inaugural Swiss chronograph to orbit Earth, adorning astronaut Scott Carpenter's wrist in 1962. The stewardship of this rich legacy transitioned to Ernest Schneider, a visionary entrepreneur and adept watchmaker-cum-pilot, in 1979.

Breitling seized the opportunities of the technological revolution in the 1980s, crafting groundbreaking creations like the Aerospace with dual analog and digital display in 1985, the Emergency featuring an integrated emergency transmitter in 1995, the Chronospace boasting a rotating slide rule and digital display in 2010, and the Exospace B55 in 2015, the first-ever chronograph with smartphone connectivity. As it soars into the third millennium, Breitling's relevance remains palpable, whether on land, in air, or at sea. This exceptional artwork vividly captures the majestic

Breitling Super Constellation C-121C (HB-RSC), set against the stunning backdrop of Verbier's Pennine Alps, encapsulating the timeless alliance between human ingenuity and nature's grandeur.

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