Luzern | Schwanenplatz | Bucherer Collection

3,600 CHF
Title   Luzern, Schwanenplatz
Designed by   Robert Topulos
Limited Edition   50 Pieces 
Authentification   Signed and numbered 
  Accompanied by a
  Certificate of authenticity


The Story Behind

This artwork is part of the Bucherer 1888 x Atelier WOCS collection, it pays tribute to the Bucherer heritage and the exciting history of the family business. It depicts the jeweller's historic headquarters on the famous Schwanenplatz (Swan Square). This historic square in the small town of Lucerne - with its 82,000 inhabitants - is in fact the third most important place in the world for the sale of jewellery and watches, after Place Vendôme in Paris and Plaza 66 in Shanghai. Bucherer played an important role in this success.

The beginning of Carl Friedrich Bucherer's legacy goes back to 1888 in Lucerne. The central Swiss city was already a popular destination for the affluent tourists, attracted by its climate, its tranquillity and the excellent reputation of its watchmaking. The success was fulminant, as evidenced by the rapid relocation of the boutique, which had become too small, from Falkenplatz to Kapellplatz, then to Schwanenplatz in 1894. On the lake shore, at the end of the Schweizerhof quay, Bucherer found a perfect setting, which symbolises its success and will become its emblem in the city of Lucerne.

Before the construction of the Schweizerhof quay, which was built on the lake in the 19th century, ships were docked at the foot of the Schwanenplatz buildings, bringing in and taking away goods bound for Basel and the Rhine.

Alongside the Bucherer boutique, the artwork also features some of the city's most important landmarks, starting with the magnificent Hotel du Cygne, which overlooks the Schwanenplatz. It was built shortly after the fire that devastated part of Lucerne's riverside in June 1833, some ten years before the Schweizerhof, the famous palace on the quay of the same name.

Behind it, the silhouette of the Baghard Tower announces the old town and hides the famous Chapel Bridge from sight. This tower is one of the survivors of the old city fortifications. Melchior zur Gilgen, a member of a prominent Lucerne noble family, had it rebuilt at the beginning of the 16th century and incorporated it into the Zur Gilgen House.

And finally, the solemn and protective silhouette of Pilatus, another Lucerne landmark, dominates the horizon. This mountain gave its name to the famous aircraft manufacturer Pilatus, known for its legendary PC-6 Porter. A further nod to Bucherer: in 1889, just one year after the company was founded, the summit of Pilatus was conquered by rail. Even today, this train is the steepest in the world, with gradients of up to 48%. A premonitory ascent!

Finishing and Gifting

Should you desire a framing in a different color, please specify your preference upon checkout. Additionally, you may include a card with a personalized message along with a priceless invoice. Each art piece can be elegantly packaged as a gift and delivered on a date of your choosing. For more details or to arrange these services, please contact Customer Service.


 Additional Details


 Technique   Handcrafted Étorie
 Workshop   Atelier WOCS, Genève
 Framing  Custom Plywood with UV-Resistant
 and Anti-Reflective Glass


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