Lamborghini Genève and Atelier WOCS launch new partnership

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Lamborghini Genève x Atelier WOCS Partnership Premiere
Operation Elegance: The Alpine Mission
We are delighted to announce the prestigious partnership between Lamborghini Genève and Atelier WOCS, celebrated through an exclusive collection of limited-edition creations. 

The Grand Unveiling

Lamborghini Miura, Bologna
Mixed Medias, Etorie on Paper
Limited Edition of 30 pieces


This prestigious partnership was officially unveiled at a unique event held in a secret hangar nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps at the military airport in Sion. Surrounded by helicopters, private jets, and Swiss military aircrafts, this exceptional setting provided an exclusive and spectacular atmosphere for the introduction of the Lamborghini Genève x Atelier WOCS collection. This exclusive collection pays homage to Lamborghini’s timeless heritage through 4 meticulously crafted art editions, each limited to just 30 pieces worldwide.

The New Collection

Lamborghini Revuelto, Sion
Mixed Medias, Etorie on Paper
Limited Edition of 30 pieces


The inaugural collection features captivating artworks that highlight Lamborghini’s heritage and excellence. Each piece tells a unique story, merging automotive performance with the art of Maison WOCS in a spectacular fashion. The Lamborghini Miura captures the essence of the world’s first supercar, with its elegant lines and iconic curves, set against the historic backdrop of Bologna, Italy.

The new Lamborghini Revuelto, depicted alongside a Swiss FA/18 military aircraft in Sion, in the Swiss Alps, reflects the exclusive event held to unveil the partnership and the new Revuelto. The daring and iconic Lamborghini Diablo, highlighted against the vibrant skyline of Monte Carlo, Monaco, embodies the spirit of challenge and modern elegance with its royal blue hues and extremely precise details of the Monegasque architecture.

Finally, the timeless classic Lamborghini 350GT, showcased in the serene landscape of Geneva, where it was first revealed in 1964, symbolizes the elegance and innovation that laid the foundation for Lamborghini’s success. These meticulously crafted works, limited to just 30 pieces each worldwide, combine Lamborghini’s design excellence and performance with our artistic precision and craftsmanship, creating masterpieces that blend automotive and artistic fusion.

A Night of Elegance and Craftsmanship

Lamborghini Diablo, Monaco
Mixed Medias, Etorie on Paper
Limited Edition of 30 pieces


The allure of the event was further enhanced by the presence of the watchmaking house Roger Dubuis, which presented its exceptional Excalibur Spider Revuelto Flyback Chronograph on this occasion.

Looking Ahead

Lamborghini 350GT, Genève
Mixed Medias, Etorie on Paper
Limited Edition of 30 pieces


Atelier WOCS and Lamborghini Genève are eager to unveil more exceptional creations host other exclusive events throughout the year as part of this new partnership, celebrating the perfect harmony between art and automobiles.