Ferrari 125s, Colosseo

3,800 CHF
Title   Ferrari 125s, Colosseo
Limited Edition   30 pieces 
Collection   Zenith Automobiles, Official Collaboration
Authentification   Signed and numbered 
  Accompanied by a
  Certificate of authenticity


The Story Behind

This captivating artwork stands as a distinguished highlight of the Zenith Automobiles Collection, born from a collaboration between Atelier WOCS and Zenith Automobiles, the official Ferrari dealer in Switzerland. Set for a grand reveal at a special event in December 2023, it marks the inaugural unveiling of the Édénité signature series by Atelier WOCS. This creation is a testament to the seamless blend of innovative artistry and the storied heritage of Ferrari.

"Ferrari 125s, Colosseo," a prominent piece in the Zenith Automobiles Collection, beautifully intertwines Ferrari's origins with Rome's enduring spirit. The artwork highlights the Ferrari 125s, elegantly juxtaposed against the backdrop of the eternal Colosseum.

This model holds a revered place as Ferrari's first, born from the aftermath of World War II. Enzo Ferrari, amidst rebuilding his Maranello workshop destroyed in the war and facing financial constraints, showed remarkable resolve. The 125s, emerging from these challenges, symbolized a rebirth for Ferrari.

Under its hood, the 125s boasted a pioneering V-12 engine, marking the beginning of Ferrari's legendary engineering. Despite a challenging debut at the 1947 Piacenza Circuit, where mechanical issues led to a withdrawal, Enzo's unwavering commitment quickly translated into a victorious run at the Terme di Caracalla circuit in Rome.

In the artwork, the 125s stands before the Colosseum, reflecting a shared legacy of endurance. The rich color palette of reds, browns, and golds in the composition mirrors Enzo's passion and resilience. The Colosseum serves as a symbol of time-tested grandeur, paralleling the ground-breaking impact of the 125s and the indomitable spirit of Ferrari."Ferrari 125s, Colosseo" is more than an artistic portrayal; it's a celebration of triumph over adversity, marking the dawn of a new era in automotive excellence. This piece, limited to 30 editions, is a tribute to the resilience and ingenuity that fueled the birth of Ferrari, set against one of history's most iconic cities.

Finishing and Gifting

Should you desire a framing in a different color, please specify your preference upon checkout. Additionally, you may include a card with a personalized message along with a priceless invoice. Each art piece can be elegantly packaged as a gift and delivered on a date of your choosing. For more details or to arrange these services, please contact Customer Service.


 Additional Details


 Technique   Handcrafted Étorie
 Workshop   Atelier WOCS, Genève
 Framing  Custom Plywood with UV-Resistant
 and Anti-Reflective Glass


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