Ferrari F40, Duomo di Modena

3,800 CHF
Title   Ferrari F40, Duomo di Modena
Limited Edition   30 pieces 
Collection   Zenith Automobiles, Official Collaboration
Authentification   Signed and numbered 
  Accompanied by a
  Certificate of authenticity


The Story Behind

This captivating artwork stands as a distinguished highlight of the Ferrari Collection, born from a collaboration between Atelier WOCS and Zenith Automobiles, the official Ferrari dealer in Switzerland. Set for a grand reveal at a special event in December 2023, it marks the inaugural unveiling of the Édénité signature series by Atelier WOCS. This creation is a testament to the seamless blend of innovative artistry and the storied heritage of Ferrari.

In this striking portrayal from the Zenith Automobiles Collection, the F40 is not just presented; it reigns over its domain. Here, in this harmonious composition, the bold red of the F40 captures the gaze, set against the russet and ochre panorama of Modena's rooftops and the commanding spire of the Ghirlandina Tower. The artwork masterfully juxtaposes the fierce contours of the F40, Ferrari's quintessential supercar, with the historical skyline of a city that cradled its genesis.

The F40, born in 1987, was a declaration of Ferrari's engineering prowess, marking the company's 40th anniversary with a vehicle that distilled racing pedigree into a street-legal car. It was the last Ferrari approved by Enzo Ferrari, making it the final echo of his personal vision for the brand. Enzo Ferrari, a man whose name is etched in history, chose Modena, a city steeped in the tradition of craftsmanship and motorsports, to be the nucleus of his automotive empire.

This artwork narrates the story of the F40's journey from the drafting tables and workshops of Maranello to the winding roads of the Emilia-Romagna region. It celebrates Modena not only as the geographical heart of Ferrari but as a historical character in its own right — a city that has seen the evolution of Ferrari from a dream in Enzo's heart to a legend on the world stage. In the foreground, the F40 asserts its presence, a masterpiece of form following function, mirroring the architectural mastery of Modena's historical buildings. Together, they tell a story of a relentless pursuit of excellence, a characteristic as inherent to Modena as it is to Ferrari.

In a limited edition of 30 pieces, "Ferrari F40: Duomo di Modena" is an art collector's passage into the soul of Ferrari. It is an invitation to witness the union of a city's rich past with a car that embodies the passion for speed, design, and the relentless drive forward — the very ethos of the Ferrari spirit.


Finishing and Gifting

Should you desire a framing in a different color, please specify your preference upon checkout. Additionally, you may include a card with a personalized message along with a priceless invoice. Each art piece can be elegantly packaged as a gift and delivered on a date of your choosing. For more details or to arrange these services, please contact Customer Service.


 Additional Details


 Technique   Handcrafted Étorie
 Workshop   Atelier WOCS, Genève
 Framing  Custom Plywood with UV-Resistant
 and Anti-Reflective Glass


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