Dubai Marina, Nocturne Symphony

5,000 CHF



Title Dubai Marina, Nocturne Symphony
Reference 2306LE
Limited Edition 20 pieces 

Atelier WOCS, Robert Topulos
signed and numbered
mixed media, etorie on conservation paper
Executed in 2023


200 by 63cm.,78.7 by 24.8 in.


Signed and dated certificate of authenticity


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may vary depending on screen settings.




Exemplifying the transformative spirit of Dubai, the "Nocturne Symphony" artwork is a distinct testament to the city's evolution from a serene fishing village to an architectural wonderland, crowned with monuments such as the unparalleled Burj Khalifa. This piece encapsulates the pulsating heart of this transformative journey – the resplendent skyline.

The nocturnal depiction of Dubai Marina is an elegiac ode to the city, pulsating with the relentless energy of this thriving metropolis. Each stroke of the brush, every hue ranging from warm dark browns and golds to vibrant oranges, reflects the city's captivating allure. The luminous depiction of the city lights mirrored in the marina's waters offers a mesmeric interplay of light and shadow, a signature of Dubai's nocturnal majesty.

This is not merely a scenic representation, but a testament to the craft and finesse of the artistic process. The Nocturne Symphony comprises a labyrinthine network of 140,000 connecting points, each representing a unique element of the composition. A result of 350 hours of meticulous crafting, the artwork compels the observer to delve deeper into its intricacies, offering a dynamic blend of minute detail and overarching grandeur.

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