Genève | Lockheed Constellation | Bucherer Collection

3,600 CHF
Title   Geneva, Lockheed Constellation
Designed by   Robert Topulos
Limited Edition   50 Pieces 
Authentification   Signed and numbered 
  Accompanied by a
  Certificate of authenticity


The Story Behind

The Geneva TWA Constellation artwork is part of a unique collection created especially for the jeweler and watchmaker Bucherer.

This unique piece is emblematic of the Atelier WOCS collection, as it combines two deeply historical representations of the world of tourism and aviation: the Rade de Genève and its water jet on the one hand, and the Lockheed Constellation on the other.

The Constellation marks the peak of the propeller-driven aviation era just before the arrival of jets. It was the first production aircraft with a pressurized cabin, which allowed it to gain high altitude to fly faster and above the clouds, avoiding bad weather areas and their dangers. Its triple fin and Delphinian fuselage give it a truly unique silhouette that has made it a legend.

The Constellation was built by Lockheed in response to a request from TWA. The prestigious American company wanted an aircraft that could carry 40 passengers quickly across the Atlantic. On December 3, 1945, just a few months after the end of World War II, the first Constellation in TWA colors flew between Washington and Paris, a flight with a strong symbolic value for the Allies. A year later, its great rival Pan Am inaugurated its famous flight n°1, the first round-the-world airliner flight, using a Constellation.

The artwork depicts a TWA Constellation over Geneva, a destination visited by TWA in the late 1940s. It illustrates the importance of Geneva in the immediate post-war period. It saw the rise of international organizations, with the transformation of the League of Nations into the United Nations, the arrival of the WHO and the GATT, the precursor of the World Trade Organization. Their needs also benefited the airport. At the turn of the 1950s, when Zurich airport was just being built, Geneva airport was by far the busiest in Switzerland and one of the most important in Europe, with several transatlantic flights.

Even today, Switzerland has a special attachment to the Constellation and its stretched variant, the Super Constellation. One of the last two models in the world still flying, the "Star of Switzerland", is closely linked to our country. Once sponsored by the watchmaker Breitling, it flew over the enchanting landscapes of Switzerland until 2018.

Finishing and Gifting

Should you desire a framing in a different color, please specify your preference upon checkout. Additionally, you may include a card with a personalized message along with a priceless invoice. Each art piece can be elegantly packaged as a gift and delivered on a date of your choosing. For more details or to arrange these services, please contact Customer Service.

 Additional Details


 Technique   Handcrafted Étorie
 Workshop   Atelier WOCS, Genève
 Framing  Cheyenne Wood with UV-Resistant
 and Anti-Reflective Glass


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