The Monaco F1 Grand Prix

In May, the picturesque streets of Monaco transform into the epicenter of three major motorsport events: the Historic Grand Prix, the Monaco ePrix, and the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix.


Graham Hill takes the chequered flag in the 1969 Monaco F1 Grand Prix, one year before setting his record of five wins at the track.
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The Historic Grand Prix of Monaco, first held in 1997, is a biennial celebration that captivates audiences with a touch of nostalgia. Racing enthusiasts gather to witness vintage cars speed through the same iconic circuit used in Formula 1. Organized by the Automobile Club de Monaco, this event not only celebrates the rich heritage of motorsport but also honors the timeless elegance and engineering of classic race cars. It serves as a living museum, parading the evolution of automotive technology and competitive spirit through the decades.


Mansell trails Senna during the 1992 Monaco F1 Grand Prix.
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Moving towards contemporary innovation, the Monaco ePrix marks its place in the world of modern motorsports. Since its debut in 2015, this event highlights the advancements in electric vehicle technology. Part of the Formula E championship, the ePrix showcases high-performance electric cars that represent the future of racing. It underscores Monaco’s commitment to sustainability and technological progress, aligning with global efforts to reduce environmental impact.


Lewis Hamilton celebrates beside a slightly less pleased Daniel Ricciardo at Monaco. Image copyright: Motorsport Images

The crown jewel of May in Monaco is undoubtedly the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix. Since 1955, this event has stood as one of the most prestigious races in the Formula 1 calendar. The Monaco circuit, known for its demanding tight turns and narrow streets, tests the limits of the world’s best drivers. The urban track, with its notorious tunnel and challenging hairpin turns, offers an unparalleled racing spectacle, combining danger, precision, and excitement in equal measure.


Ricardo Patrese won the 1982 Monaco F1 Grand Prix, eventually
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The legacy of Monaco as a hub for automotive excellence dates back to 1929, initiated by the first Monaco Grand Prix organized by the newly founded Automobile Club de Monaco in 1925. Over the decades, Monaco has solidified its status as a symbol of motorsport glamour and tradition. It continues to be a pilgrimage site for fans, where the history of racing not only unfolds every year but is vividly celebrated through these three distinct yet interconnected events. This convergence of past and future makes Monaco in May a destination where history is both honored and made.