Steve McQueen, Porsche 917K, Le Mans Race

20,000 CHF

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Title Steve McQueen, Porsche 917K, Le Mans Race
Reference 2304HC

Atelier WOCS, Robert Topulos
signed, dated 'R.T 23' (lower right) and numbered 1/1
mixed media, etorie on paper

Unique Piece
Executed in 2023


145 by 100cm.,57 by 39 in.


Signed and dated
Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity
Blockchain authentification

Additional report

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Immerse yourself in the extraordinary synergy of cinematic history and automotive brilliance. At the heart of this composition lies the unforgettable Porsche 917K from the iconic film "Le Mans," capturing the attention with its sleek electric orange lines and undeniable presence.

This unique piece embodies the raw power and exhilaration of the race track, where Steve McQueen's character brought the screen to life with his relentless pursuit of victory. The Porsche 917K was chosen as the hero car for the movie due to its dominance in the racing world at the time. It was an extremely powerful and fast car, designed specifically for endurance racing. The "K" in its name stood for "Kurzheck," meaning "short tail" in German, distinguishing it from the long-tail versions of the 917.

The car used in the film was chassis number 026, which was originally built as a long-tail version. However, for the movie, the car was modified to resemble the short-tail version by removing the rear bodywork and fitting a new rear section. The distinctive Gulf Oil livery adorned the car, with its light blue and orange color scheme, which has become synonymous with the Porsche 917K. The Gulf Oil sponsorship was also featured prominently in the film and added to the car's iconic status. Today, Steve McQueen's Porsche 917K from "Le Mans" is considered one of the most legendary and valuable movie cars of all time. It has become an icon of motorsport and a symbol of the golden era of endurance racing.

Complementing the Porsche is the renowned TAG Heuer Monaco watch, forever intertwined with the legacy of Steve McQueen and the movie Le Mans. This horological masterpiece carries the weight of history on its wrist, having been one of the six Heuer Monacos featured during the filming of "Le Mans." However, what sets it apart is its profound significance as a heartfelt gift from McQueen to his trusted mechanic, Haig Alltounian. The watch bears Alltounian's name, engraved by McQueen himself, symbolizing their enduring friendship and shared passion for the world of motorsports.In 2020, the watch gifted to the film's mechanic becomes the most expensive Heuer ever, setting an auction record of $2,208,000 at Phillips New York.


Atelier WOCS Genève is an independent company specialized in the creation of art editions. We are not affiliated with TAG Heuer SA, nor are we authorized by them to utilize their design elements directly for any reason whatsoever. Our art creations, while recalling design elements reminiscent of TAG Heuer®, are uniquely crafted and commissioned by a customer for their private use. It represents an example of our unique expertise and the bespoke services we offer at our customers request.

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