Paris, Eiffel Tower, Santos-Dumont No. 6

20,000 CHF



Title Paris, Eiffel Tower, Santos-Dumont No.6
Reference 2305HC

Atelier WOCS, Robert Topulos
signed, dated 'R.T 23' (lower right) and numbered 1/1
mixed media, etorie on paper

Unique Piece
Executed in 2023


145 by 100cm.,57 by 39 in.


Signed and dated
Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity
Blockchain authentification

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Drawing inspiration from the timeless essence of Paris, where innovation has thrived for generations, Atelier WOCS introduces an unparalleled artwork harmoniously blending the audacious spirit of aviation, architectural splendor, and the refined art of horology.

The year was 1901. Alberto Santos-Dumont's No.6 Zeppelin soared around the Eiffel Tower, a voyage representing humanity's unwavering quest for greatness. This architectural marvel, the Eiffel Tower, not only serves as a symbol of French ingenuity but also embraces the legacy of brilliance. Engraved on its façade are names of luminaries chosen by Gustave Eiffel, celebrating the essence of French scientific and engineering prowess. Painted in their restored original gold hue, these engravings shimmer with the spirit of discovery.

Delicately woven into this visual narrative is the prototype of the Cartier de Santos watch. Its genesis was spurred by Santos-Dumont's challenge to Louis Cartier, leading to the creation of one of the world's first modern wristwatches for men, symbolizing Cartier Maison's intertwining of luxury with function.

The scene further unfolds to reveal the "Ecole Militaire de Paris" at the Tower's base, a nod to academic discipline and Parisian heritage. Adjacently, in Warsaw Park, stands the sculpture 'La Jeunesse' by Pierre Poisson, capturing the vibrancy of youthful ambition.

This artwork, exquisitely designed and unparalleled in its creation, is destined to stand as a captivating piece of history for global art aficionados. A tapestry of dreams, of a city ever-reaching for the stars, of timepieces ticking in harmony with history's great moments this Art Edition, exquisitely rendered on conservation paper, becomes an emble of epochs past, present, and future. The piece stands as a testament to a time when the world stood still, watching, as dreams took flight.

For the discerning art collector with an eye for the exceptional, this Art Edition unveils a unique treasure. Every detail, every emblematic symbol represents a meticulous dedication to craft and history. As distinctive as the Cartier prototype it celebrates, this Art Edition is more than mere artwork—it's a timeless narrative, exquisitely merging Paris's storied history with Cartier's lasting heritage. 


Atelier WOCS Genève is an independent company specialized in the creation of art editions. We are not affiliated with Cartier SA, nor are we authorized by them to utilize their design elements directly for any reason whatsoever. Our art creations, while recalling design elements reminiscent of Cartier, are uniquely crafted and commissioned by a customer for their private use. It represents an example of our unique expertise and the bespoke services we offer at our customers' request.

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