Montreux | Aquila Airways

1,200 CHF
Title   Montreux, Aquila Airways
Designed by   Robert Topulos
Limited Edition   50 Pieces 
Authentification   Signed and numbered 
  Accompanied by a
  Certificate of authenticity


The Story Behind

Its splendor, pleasant climate and famous guests have earned the region of Montreux-Vevey the title of Swiss Riviera. Beyond its dream landscape, it offers many more attractions! With its shores on Lake Geneva, Lavaux UNESCO vineyards, nearby peaks, cities like Montreux, Vevey and picturesque villages, it is not surprising that Montreux Riviera is the birthplace of tourism in Switzerland.

The beginnings of this tradition are part of the region's heritage, just like the medieval lords of the Castle of Chillon. Today, Montreux Riviera continues to write its history by innovating constantly, for example with the Chaplin's World or the Alimentarium museums. Culture fans and guests of Montreux Riviera become festival goers in July at the famous Montreux Jazz Festival. 

Part of the official collection of the Swiss National Library in Bern, this artwork tells us an anecdote from the 1st June 1957. On the edge of the lake Geneva, people came in large numbers to admire the seaplane of the British airline Aquila Airways. The company provided a direct Southampton-Montreux line in 3,5 hours. An imposing four-engine propeller of 35 tonnes, 11 meters high (with 2 bridges superimposed) and 35 meters wide, it accommodated 38 passengers.

Aquila Airways company advertisement noted: "It is our goal to serve the locations where an aerodrome cannot be built. The Southampton-Montreux flight will take 3 hours and will eliminate long coach journeys across Europe as well as tedious transfers from the nearest airport. The city, set on the edge of Lake Geneva, offers sumptuous landscapes and was often visited by two of our great poets Shelley and Byron. ”

Finishing and Gifting

Should you desire a framing in a different color, please specify your preference upon checkout. Additionally, you may include a card with a personalized message along with a priceless invoice. Each art piece can be elegantly packaged as a gift and delivered on a date of your choosing. For more details or to arrange these services, please contact Customer Service.


 Additional Details


 Technique   Handcrafted Étorie
 Workshop   Atelier WOCS, Genève
 Framing  Custom Plywood with UV-Resistant
 and Anti-Reflective Glass



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