Matterhorn | Blue

1,500 CHF
Title   Matterhorn | Blue
Artist   Robert Topulos
Limited Edition   25 pieces 
Collection  Swiss National Library, Bern


This mesmerizing piece called ''Blue'' captures the majesty of the iconic Matterhorn under the captivating cloak of nightfall. Painted in enchanting shades of twilight blue, ''Blue'' creates an irresistible nocturnal atmosphere, gracefully revealing the sublime beauty of this Swiss icon.

The composition's central figure, the magnificent Matterhorn, rises impressively against a star-speckled sky. Its nearly perfect pyramidal form, awe-inspiring in the daylight, takes on an otherworldly aura under the celestial dome, glimmering with countless stars. The mountain's grand silhouette stands as a silent sentinel, its enduring presence commanding the viewer's attention.

Beneath the imposing mountain, a serene lake nestles within the landscape. Its mirror-like surface softly reflects the Matterhorn and the studded night sky, creating an echo of the spectacle above. This reflection, rippling with the subtle movements of the water mixing with the snow, adds a dreamlike quality to the scene, amplifying the tranquillity of the nighttime tableau.

The artwork's color palette further enhances the scene's nocturnal charm. The blue tones, ranging from deep indigo to the softest midnight hue, intertwine seamlessly with flecks of starlight, adding depth and texture. Each brushstroke captures the ethereal nature of nightfall in the Alps, creating an atmosphere that is at once calm and thrilling.

This piece, in its entirety, is more than just a visual representation of the Matterhorn at night. It is a sensory experience, a journey into the heart of the Alps, a moment of quietude beneath the stars, forever immortalized. It celebrates the grandeur of nature and the tranquillity of the night, offering an enchanting escape to anyone who sets their eyes on it.




Printing technique   Étorie on fine art paper
Printing house   Atelier WOCS, Genève
Authentification   Certificate of authenticity



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