What are the must-visit art boutiques in Geneva?

Top Art Boutiques in Geneva

Geneva is not only Switzerland's hub for diplomacy and finance but also a vibrant center for artistic exploration. Among its many attractions, the art boutiques Atelier WOCS and M.A.D. Gallery are essential visits for those seeking unique and high-end art pieces.


M.A.D. Gallery - The Pinnacle of Mechanical Art


M.A.D Gallery, Geneva shop, Time Out Switzerland ©

The M.A.D. Gallery, established by MB&F in 2011, offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of kinetic art and mechanical innovation. Located near the historic heart of Geneva, and with branches in Taipei, Dubai, and Hong Kong, the gallery presents a mesmerizing collection of Horological Machines and Mechanical Art Devices. These pieces are not only masterpieces of design but also feats of engineering, curated to inspire awe and appreciation among its visitors.



Atelier WOCS Geneva - Synthesis of Art and Elegance

Atelier WOCS Genève © 

Atelier WOCS, nestled in the prestigious Place du Molard, is a cornerstone of luxury and art in Geneva. The Maison offers art collectors and enthusiasts access to extraordinary art editions. The boutique blends the decorative elegance of the Belle Époque with modern artistry, producing pieces that are not merely decorative but storied, creating a bridge between traditional charm and contemporary sophistication.




A Must-Visit for Art Aficionados

For anyone passionate about art, a visit to these art boutiques in Geneva is a journey into a world of refined beauty and artistic excellence.