Zermatt | Douglas DC-3

1,500 CHF
Frame Color:
Title   Zermatt | Matterhorn | Douglas DC-3
Artist   Robert Topulos
Limited Edition   25 pieces  
Collection  Swiss National Library, Bern


Nestled in a steep valley, the charming village of Zermatt is accessible only by foot or small train due to a prohibition on motor vehicles. This once-quiet mountain town has since emerged as a formidable competitor to Chamonix, earning its place as a mountaineering hub. However, Zermatt has a distinct advantage over its rival - it sits at the base of the most picturesque mountain in the world, the legendary Matterhorn.

As depicted on the artwork, the mountain is magnificently flown over by a Douglas DC-3, which, by opening up the world, allowed a whole generation of adventurers to quench their thirst for expeditions. In an improbable world tour, 77 years after its maiden flight, Breitling took this dream machine on a journey around the globe, soaring over iconic landmarks such as Mount Fuji and the peaks of Alaska, culminating in the magnificent Matterhorn. The aircraft bears the name Prato Borni, the original name of Zermatt, which was first documented in archival records from the 12th century.




Printing technique   Étorie on fine art paper
Printing house   Atelier WOCS, Genève
Authentification   Certificate of authenticity





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