The Original Matterhorn Candle

60 CHF
Item   The Original Matterhorn Candle
Designer   Robert Topulos for Maison Bäreiz Genève


Undefeated long after most of the great Alpine peaks had been conquered, the majestic pyramid of the Matterhorn towers over the Zermatt valley. Its first ascent in 1865 marked the end of the so-called "golden age of mountaineering". Although not the highest Swiss peak at 4478m, the Matterhorn is undoubtedly the most iconic mountain in Switzerland, and possibly the world. Just as the ascent of this legendary peak still ignites the hearts of the most seasoned mountaineers, our candle will warm yours.




Box    Comes in a pyramidal gift box 
Size   10 x 10 x 9 cm
Scent   Vanilla scented candle
Wax   Paraffin wax
Type   Decorative candle


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