Simplon Pass | Valais

800 CHF
Title   Simplon Pass
Artist   Robert Topulos
Limited Edition    50 pieces  
Collection   Swiss National Library, Bern


The Simplon Pass is a unique alpine crossing that stands out as one of the few passes above 2000 meters that remains open during winter, with high snow walls lining the way. The pass boasts a wide and well-maintained road that gradually ascends through a series of tunnels, covered galleries, and massive bridges. In 1801, as part of the construction of the Simplon Road, Napoleon mandated the construction of a hospice at the pass's summit to serve as both a barracks and a resting place. Today, the building has been modernized and refurbished, and it can now accommodate up to 130 visitors throughout the year.




Printing technique   Étorie on fine art paper
Printing house   Atelier WOCS, Genève
Authentification   Certificate of authenticity



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