Fribourg | Tram by night | 50 pieces Limited Edition |
Fribourg | Tram by night | 50 pieces Limited Edition |

Fribourg | Tram by night | 50 pieces Limited Edition |

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Fribourg | Tram by night

Artist: Robert Topulos

Edition: Limited to 50 signed art prints


Located on the linguistic border between French-speaking Switzerland and German-speaking Switzerland, the city of Fribourg, along with Biel, is one of the two main cities in the country which speaks two languages. It is home to one of the three great cathedrals in French-speaking Switzerland, Saint-Nicolas, whose construction dates back to the 13th century.

Until recently, it was known throughout Switzerland for its famous Brasserie du Cardinal, founded in 1788. Its lager beer has quenched the thirst of several generations of Swiss inhabitants! The brand still exists today, but the brewery closed in 2012 and the beer is now produced in German-speaking Switzerland.

From 1897 to 1965, the city was traversed by a network of trams. The Ce 2/2 type motor coach shown crossing Fribourg at the end of the evening, n° 13, was the last built for the Fribourg network, in 1913. It was not preserved after its decommissioning.

But Fribourg has another relic from times gone by, which is still very much alive: its small funicular, which since 1899 has linked Lower Town to the current center of Friborg. Listed as a historic monument, it is one of the last in the world to use wastewater to operate. Loaded at the top in the descending vehicle, then released at the bottom, it is used to raise the other vehicle.




Technique: Atelier WOCS artworks are produced by a remarkable process that yields the finest quality graphic reproductions available today. The Giclée prints are fine art prints that will last up to 100 years with proper handling and protection from direct sunlight. Our prints are created with archival fade resistant pigmented inks. They have a wider color gamut, deeper saturated colors, impossible to achieve in ordinary lithographic or serigraphic printing processes. These museum-quality prints allow to reproduce original colors with stunning fidelity.

Archival paper: Our Hahnemühle 308 gsm archival paper meets the highest standards for fine art applications and is perfect for special editions. It achieves outstanding printing results and a high age resistance of over 100 years. It comply with the ISO 9706 norm, standard criteria for international museums and galleries. Specially manufactured natural wool felts give the artworks their unique surface texture, providing a three-dimensionality that enhances the visual effect thanks to an incredible depth.

Authenticity: Our limited edition prints are signed, numbered, include a discrete embossment with the Atelier authentication and come with handwritten certificates of authenticity.



Frames: Our tailored frame are provided by Atelier Pierre Rosso in Geneva, Switzerland. With solid expertise in handling artworks for international galeries and museums, including painting restoration, the Atelier offers premium quality service and a large range of frames and glasses with anti-glare and anti-UV (92%) ensuring maximum longevity to the artworks.

Transport: Rolled artwork are transported in a rigid protective carton box wrapped in a layer of silk tissue paper and bubble layer ensuring a safe express transportation. Framed artwork are delivered in a sur-mesure wooden crate built exclusively for the artwork (optional). 


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