Bern | Stadt des Bären | 50 pieces Limited Edition

250 CHF
Frame Color:

Bern | Städt des Bären

Artist: Anaïs Coulon

Edition: Limited to 50 signed art prints

In 1848, the city of Bern had the honour of being chosen by the first Swiss Parliament as the capital of the Swiss Confederation. Although being less populated than Zurich or Geneva, the Swiss capital still has many secrets to unveil. Its old town is nestled in a meander of the Aar River. It rises in the depths of the mountains surrounding the Grimsel Pass. While strolling along its covered arcades, one will easily recognize the Federal Parliament, the seat of the Helvetic government. Easy to access, the building reflects the Swiss democracy: close to its citizens, just like the president and ministers who can sometimes be seen among the travellers on the train station platform, without any escort.

Since long ago, the city has been placed under the sign of the bears. They even gave their name to the city. To be sure to meet one, you must go to the famous Bear Park at the gates of the city, which welcome bears since the Middle Ages.

In 2009, the park was enlarged and now extends to the banks of the Aar River: bears love to dive! This is a hobby that they share with the inhabitants of the city: just a few meters upstream from the bear pit, you will find the famous Marzili Baths, in which the Bernese enjoy the flowing Aar, in the summer season.


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