Epitomising the spirit of traditional Swiss poster artistry, Atelier WOCS continues to create outstanding artworks for connoisseurs who value design excellence, understated luxury aesthetics and finishing to the highest standards.


Each artwork collection is inspired by the identity and heritage of Switzerland and tells a story with a universal cultural background, a timeless meaning and which expresses a positive and poetic vision of life. Numerous artworks created by the Atelier WOCS are included in the official collection of Swiss posters. Preserved and referenced by the Swiss National Library in Bern, the artworks are officially part of Switzerland's heritage.


Atelier WOCS have but one goal: to produce the finest and the most iconic Art Editions in the world. Atelier WOCS collections are produced using the highest standards in the industry. Each piece meets with the highest international quality grades and is thoroughly inspected before leaving the workshop. 


Atelier WOCS has always conceived its collections as exclusive creations. They exist in a small series of between a dozen and a hundred pieces. The rigorous quality standards make each piece of the Atelier WOCS a precious and unique creation coveted by collectors all around the world and true connoisseurs. 


Faithful to tradition, the Atelier WOCS’s visual universe catches the eye with a serene yet equivocal atmosphere that arises from each of its representations, giving free rein to imagination. The composition of these capturing posters, powerful and full of grandeur, fully expresses their era and their world.

Their aesthetics outlive passing design trends and always project contemporary beauty. Atelier WOCS has established its own elegant, timeless style: it is a harmonious combination of personality and sobriety, modernity and uniqueness.