Embodying the essence of traditional Swiss craftsmanship, Atelier WOCS is passionately dedicated to creating exceptional art editions. These works, designed to captivate the discerning eye that treasures design excellence, understated luxury, and meticulous attention to detail, meld compositional principles reminiscent of the Belle Époque with the finesse of modern artistry. Our unwavering pursuit of perfection ensures that each Atelier WOCS creation deeply resonates with those who value the intricate subtleties of timeless art.


Each art collection at Atelier WOCS draws inspiration from the rich identity and heritage of Switzerland, weaving narratives with a universal cultural backdrop. These collections embody a timeless essence, encompassing a positive and poetic vision of life. Notably, several artworks crafted by Atelier WOCS have earned their place in the collection of the prestigious Swiss National Library in Bern. These artworks are officially recognized and meticulously preserved as invaluable components of Switzerland's cultural heritage.


Atelier WOCS has but one goal: to produce the finest, timeless and most iconic Art Editions in the world. Atelier WOCS collections are produced using the highest standards in the industry. Each piece meets with the highest international quality grades and is thoroughly inspected before leaving the workshop.


Atelier WOCS is renowned for its exclusive and coveted collections, meticulously crafted as unique exemplars or in limited series ranging from a dozen to a hundred pieces. The unwavering commitment to rigorous quality standards ensures that each creation from Atelier WOCS is a precious and unique masterpiece, highly sought after by collectors and connoisseurs worldwide.


Embracing tradition, Atelier WOCS captivates the eye with a serene yet equivocal atmosphere that emanates from each of its artistic expressions, igniting the spark of imagination. The composition of these captivating artworks, exuding power and grandeur, masterfully encapsulates their era and the essence of their world.

Transcending passing design trends, their aesthetics radiate a timeless allure. Atelier WOCS has curated an elegant and distinctive style that harmoniously combines individuality with refined sobriety, modernity with an unparalleled sense of uniqueness.