WOCS Gallery | Place du Molard 3 | 1204 Geneva


Deeply rooted in Geneva, Atelier WOCS passionately creates and prints its collector artworks on unique art paper from Maison Hahnemühle. With exceptional expertise, the Atelier WOCS continues the tradition of Swiss poster artistry and waltzes with the greatest classics of Swiss tourism mythology, bringing a unique touch of vintage modernity.

Independent, WOCS maintains a tradition of excellence, crowned by its inclusion in the Swiss National Library’s Poster Collection in Bern.

Faithful to tradition, the Atelier’s visual universe catches the eye with a serene yet equivocal atmosphere that arises from each of its representations, giving free rein to imagination. The composition of these capturing posters, powerful and full of grandeur, fully expresses their era and their world. Their suggestive power will remain intact over the years, as has that of their glorious ancestors, since they embody one of the founding images of Swiss identity - the mountain.

The stylized approach to drawing is subtly balanced by a realistic color range. Deep and starry skies, soft auroras, snowy or rocky mountains and endless roads offer a compelling invitation to go on an adventure.

The pieces of the Atelier WOCS are intimate artworks which exist in a limited edition. Signed, numbered and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, the collection is printed to the highest standards and meets the requirements of international galleries and museums. The artworks designed by Atelier WOCS set the standard for contemporary Swiss Collector Posters.