Aircraft Art Collection by Atelier WOCS

Aircraft Industry

At Atelier WOCS, we craft bespoke artworks specifically designed for the unique environment of private aviation. Each piece is meticulously engineered to comply with rigorous aviation standards, including weight restrictions, fire-safety regulations, and secure mounting. Our art enhances the aesthetic of private aircraft interiors with elegance and sophistication, creating an unparalleled in-flight experience.

Art for All Aircraft Sizes

Our expertise allows us to work on aircraft of every size, whether it is a small private jet or a large luxury airliner. We understand the precise requirements of the aviation industry and ensure that each artwork meets the stringent standards necessary for onboard installation.

Engineered for Aviation Excellence

Each bespoke artwork is specially developed to meet all aircraft requirements. This includes careful consideration of weight, fire-safety, and secure fastenings, ensuring that every piece is both technically sophisticated and effortlessly elegant. Our art integrates seamlessly with the aircraft's interior, contributing to a refined and luxurious atmosphere.

A Personal Touch

We collaborate closely with our clients to design new environments that reflect their vision and personality while remaining emblematic of our maison's aesthetics and reputation. For instance, an owner of a Boeing Business Jet or a Bombardier Global 6000 may seek a vibrant, modern aesthetic that mirrors their unique character. We bring this vision to life, ensuring each piece adds a distinctive and sophisticated touch to the aircraft's interior.

Masterful Craftsmanship

Atelier WOCS prides itself on incorporating a variety of luxurious materials and techniques into our artworks. These bespoke creations not only enhance the visual appeal but also add a touch of luxury and sophistication to every aircraft.

A Lasting Impression

Our goal is to create artworks that leave a lasting impression on all who experience them. Each piece is designed for longevity, ensuring that it remains contemporary and timeless for years to come. By choosing Atelier WOCS, clients invest in a Genevan maison's savoir-faire, acquiring art that is both beautiful and enduring.

Express Your Passion and Heritage Through Art

At Atelier WOCS, we believe that your aircraft should be a reflection of your passion, heritage, and personal story. Our bespoke artworks are designed to express your unique narrative, transforming your aircraft into a flying gallery that embodies your traditions and values. Let us craft a sophisticated interior that elevates the in-flight experience, making your aircraft a true extension of your identity.

Discover how Atelier WOCS can help you tell your story through our exquisite creations. Partner with us to create a unique and personalized art collection that speaks to your legacy and enriches your travel experience.

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